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1990 – The First Steps

In 1990, the company Zügel Maschinenlogistik was founded in Stuttgart. Felipe Zügel, founder and CEO, already gained experience as technical director of the Stuttgart-based machine vender Maslankowski und Sohn KG, a company specialized in printing machines. When his former employer ran out of business for health reasons, Felipe Zügel became an entrepreneur.

In the beginning, Zügel used rented trucks for his shipments. He invested the first earnings immediately in his own car pool to be independent and able to offer the best possible service to his customers.


1995 – The Printing Industry Changes

Newer, bigger machines could not be transported as spontaneously and fast as before. The shipments took weeks instead of days. Felipe Zügel reacted to these remarkable changes by developing his concept of a ready-for-use logistics service. “One offer, one contact person, all from one source: disassembling, package, transportation, assembling and everything related, so that the customer does not have to care about anything.”


2000 – Growth, Car Pool Upgrade and a New View of The World

The turnover increased rapidly. Zügel kept on investing in the car pool: The existing low loader and two fork trucks were supplemented by a 5t hydraulic platform. More and more system vendors became customers as they appreciated Zügel’s extensive all-in-one service.

Meanwhile, digitalization advanced. That also affected the printing industry: The opening of the iron curtain and the possibility to send data via internet resulted in the outsourcing of many print offices to other countries with lower cost of labor.

Zügel recognized this development as an opportunity to develop new markets. Thanks to Felipe Zügel’s internationality and openness, the company succeeded in gaining customers from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, New Zealand and the Middle East. The Zügel team gained valuable experience in dealing with other cultures and completely different climatic as well as geographical environments. Today, every single Zügel customer benefits from this.

Contact Us


Inh.: Felipe Zügel

Vaihinger Straße 112A

D – 70567 Stuttgart


Telefon:                 +49 (0)711 – 76 06 88

Telefax:                 +49 (0)711 – 96 89 16 13

Mobil:                    +49 (0)171 – 202 12 68

E-Mail:                    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

web:                       www.zuegel.de