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Our Services

Our Services

diensteleistung_zuegel_01We move your printing machinery from A to B and we are happy to share our extensive experience with you. If you wish so, we additionally evaluate the technical condition of your machines in an objective manner.


BUT: We don’t sell or buy machines or act as agent in order to find seller or buyer. Thus we are able to remain independent in day to day business and uphold an honest and trustful cooperation with our clients.


Machine logistics are our core competence. This is what we focus on and what we do best. – Our success and a high amount of satisfied customers prove us right.


Flexibility at any time: In order to avoid delays in your production process we provide a ready to use performance. All necessary work is done out of one hand. You show us your machine and tell us where and when it has to be back in action.


diensteleistung_zuegel_02We take care of everything else: Dismantling, securing, packaging, administrative processing, shipping, installation and commissioning.

Always reliable, individual and direct. That’s what our clients value us for. 

Contact Us


Inh.: Felipe Zügel

Vaihinger Straße 112A

D – 70567 Stuttgart


Telefon:                 +49 (0)711 – 76 06 88

Telefax:                 +49 (0)711 – 96 89 16 13

Mobil:                    +49 (0)171 – 202 12 68

E-Mail:                    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

web:                       www.zuegel.de