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After disassembling and packing all components, we expertly load your printing machines on applicable means of transportation. To avoid any damage, we naturally secure it carefully.


transport_verschiffung_zuegel03     transport_verschiffung_zuegel01


For preparation and shipment, we normally use our own vehicle fleet and our situation-based most applicable hoists, cranes, low loaders and containers.


transport_verschiffung_zuegel02     transport_verschiffung_zuegel04


In case there is a longer time between the assembling and the disassembling would be sufficient, we are able to stock your machine in our air-conditioned and safe storage building. We also offer you the opportunity to present your machine to potential customers there – electricity and water supply are provided.


When all matters of insurance and toll are discussed, we begin with your shipment. In oversee shipments, we directly take the loading from the harbor and escort it to its destination, where we assemble it immediately.

Contact Us


Inh.: Felipe Zügel

Vaihinger Straße 112A

D – 70567 Stuttgart


Telefon:                 +49 (0)711 – 76 06 88

Telefax:                 +49 (0)711 – 96 89 16 13

Mobil:                    +49 (0)171 – 202 12 68

E-Mail:                    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

web:                       www.zuegel.de